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Social Vape-Top – Strawberry Banana, Hybrid (1.0ml, Honey Oil)

100% Pure Cannabis Honey Oil

·       HYBRID

·       No PG/VG

·       No Artificial Flavours

Social offers cannabis honey oil of multiple strains in 0.5ml and 1ml cartridges.  Their oil has no VG, no PG or cutting agents providing the best cannabis vape experience possible.  Social vape pens use Ccell TH2 cartridges and M3 batteries.  The TH2 uses a ceramic heating element and glass housing, so you get the most flavor out of your favourite oil.  The cartridges use a ceramic mouthpiece which ensures a cooler and cleaner hit.  Social uses Ccell’s M3 battery, with a 510 thread and a 350mAh capacity.  The batteries are rechargeable with a supplied USB adapter.  The cartridges are recommended to be used with the supplied batteries, however, if a customer has their own battery with a 510 thread, we recommend to start at the lowest battery amp and work up to find the ideal temperature.


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